Center for Studies on Education Policies

Center for Studies on Education Policies (CSEDP)

CSEDP was founded to contribute to the field of education with studies of specialists from diverse fields such as psychology, sociology, history, economics, and political science.

In order to contribute to the field of education, CSEDP’s objectives are as follows;

- Contributing to philosophical, intellectual, and experimental resources
- Following up the local and international developments
- Making suggestions for educational system
- Sharing modern applications with related persons
- Communicating with national and international organizations
- Identifying current problems and finding out solutions

CSEDP studies on general educational policies, reformation in schools, curriculums and syllabuses, and the relationships between government and education, market and education, human rights and education, technology and education. In this respect, CSEDP plans to publish books, reviews and articles, do translations, build up web pages, organize multidisciplinary study groups and run seminars, workshops etc.  

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