Liberty Academy: 8-9 November 2014, Izmir city

Association for Liberal Thinking held an introductory level seminar of Liberty Academy on 8-9 November in Izmir city in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation. 20 students from Izmir and other regional cities participated the seminar.

Prof. Dr. Tanju Tosun from Aegean University Department of International Relations delivered the first presentation on “Liberal Democracy and Turkey’s Experience” where he covered the fundamental institutions and anlayzed Turkey’s historical background.

Next session accommodated Asst. Prof. Dr. Bugra Kalkan Katip Çelebi University, Department of Public Administration and Political Science on “Spontaneous Order” Kalkan focused on the social functions and the historical progress of spontaneous orders; and expressed that the more societies get complex the less social orders could be directed by centralized authorities.

After this session Buğra Kalkan followed on “Free market Economy and Freedom” explaining the meanings of negative and positive liberties and emphasized that free societies emerge out of negative liberties. Moreover, Kalkan discussed private property, freedom of contract and free competition which are crucial institutions for a free market economy.

Apart from discussion of participants with speakers, the seminar Program offered group works and presentations based on specific related questions.

Second day started on “Rule of Law” presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Serdar Korucu. Dr. Korucu argued that political liberalism requires rule of law and talked about the American constitutional history inspired by political pshiolophers. Thereafter he repeated that negative rights have been the basis of first constitutions securing individuals against against states.

ALT Program Coordinator Harun Kaban gave the next presentation on “Civil Society”.  Kaban pointed out the fact to live together in peace with our differences and that civil society constitutes a social function for that end. Kaban mentioned the features of “civil society” and the concept as well which transformed after contemporary modern states.

Liberty Academy concluded with a roundtable discussion with all speakers and participants where the moderator put several discussion topics forward. 

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