Liberty Academy Seminar on Principles of A Free Society, 8-9 March in Ankara

The seminar was hold in cooperation with Freidrich Naumann Foundation at ALT’s Ankara office.

Participants were selected between those who attended Liberty Academy seminars before. This seminar was on advance level depending on participants’ previous training given by ALT.

On the first day Prof. Tanel Demirel spoke about what democracy is; and what it is not. After talking about meanings mostly understood by democracy, he emphasized on the line between right to govern of majority and guaranteeing of minority rights.

Prof. Fuat Oğuz gave the second lecture on entrepreneurship, private property and market economy. Prof. Oğuz noted the production and usage of the information and knowledge in market and its impossible possession by any central authority but millions of actors in the market. 

Özlem Yılmaz, General Coordinator of ALT presented features of civil society as the bearer of pluralism and the relation with democracy and market economy then emphasized on the role of intellectual movements to influence the climate of opinon, and the society as a whole.

The first day ended with group works.

The second day started with Arda Akçiçek’s lecture on spontaneous order. Akçiçek specified how civilization is formed by powers of spontaneous orders. His emphasis was on knowledge and information processes in society and their relations with spontaneous orders.

Prof. Hasan Yücel Başdemir spoke about ethical foundations of liberalism in the second session of the day. He put the relationship between politics and ethics and then how ethical foundations of liberal thought were shaped.

Second day continued with group works.

In this seminar, participants engaged with advance discussions on principles of a free society and more importantly they had chance to strength their network with their peers.

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