The Rethinking of the July 15 Coup Attempt on Bureaucratic Communitarianism in Turkey


It is supposed that many bureaucratic institutions including army will be regulated by the government after 15th July coup attempt in Turkey. Since bureaucracy which constantly tries to dominate political power has been the most important and superior institution in Turkey for two centuries the regulations should be done regarding not only the Fethullah Gülenist Terror Organisation (FETÖ) but also over the entire bureaucratic tutelage system. For this reason, that power of bureaucracy should be reduced as soon as possible is vitally important. It is obvious that Turkish bureaucracy has been organised like a secular community since Tanzimat period. This community has consisted of a modernisation project which is designed to be embraced by Turkish people, a perception which depends on the superiority of bureaucracy against political power and finally on suspicion towards all individual choices of ordinary people. It is argued in this article that Turkish bureaucracy which has been aimed to transform the whole political realm and the society in Turkey has used a communitarian mind-set in order to accomplish its purposes.


Turkish Bureaucracy, FETÖ, communitarianism, common good, perfectionism 

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