Turkey – EU Relations after the Failed July 15 Coup Attempt

Prof. Dr. Haluk Alkan


Turkey tackled a great threat to its democracy on the night of July 15, 2016. Turkish people defended democracy out on the streets against the putschists. Evidence gathered thus far shows that the coup attempt was planned and executed by the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). This paper aims to look at (a) Turkish political context and the reasons behind the rise of anti-Westernism and Euroscepticism in the post-July 15 period and (b) the possible impacts of the failed July 15 coup attempt on Turkey – European Union (EU) relations. It argues that the EU should foster its solidarity with Turkey in its fight for survival of its functioning state and democracy and enter into a dialogue to pay attention to Turkey’s sensitivities in its fight against FETÖ in postJuly 15 period. This is essential for challenging the rise of Euroscepticism in Turkey and keeping the EU relevant as a normative reference point for Turkey’s democratization.


Turkey, European Union, coup, July 15, FETÖ, Fethullah Gülen

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