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The 3rd Annual Conference of the Istanbul Network for Liberty Values and Institutions of a Free Society in mainly Muslim Countries The 3rd Annual Conference of... Details

Professional Organizations, Civil Society and Democracy Association for Liberal Thinking, ALT has run this research project in 2010 - 2012 with the sponsors... Details

Internship Opportunity at ALT ... Details

Fundamental Principles for the New Constitution     Türkiye’nin Yeni Anayasası için Temel İlkeler   Bizler Lib... Details

The 2010 Global Go To Think Tank Rankings Has Been Released! The 2010 Global Go To Think Tank Rankings Has Been Released! Association for Liberal Thinking, Turk... Details

Special Meeting of Mont Pellerin Society in Istanbul, 1-3 October 2011   Association for Liberal Thinking is cohosting a Special Meeting of Mont Pellerin Society i... Details

Workshop on Promoting Free Society, 1-4 March 2011, Ankara An Invitation to a Workshop on “Promoting Free Society”  for Intellectual Entrepre... Details

International Property Rights Index 2010 Report Has Been Released: property rights are the quarantee of welfare and prosperity! International Property Rights Index 2010 Report has been realesed! The 2010 International Property ... Details

Civil Society Report on Climate Change has been released. The Civil Society Report on Climate Change comprises:• Summary and Policy RecommendationsBy the... Details


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Liberty Academy

Seminars of the Liberty Academy are held in Ankara at ALT’s premises and as well as in other cities on issues like liberty, peace, human rights, constiutional democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, religious freedom, free market economy, free trade, economic freedom and prosperity. Mostly undergraduate students attend these programs. ALT holds weekly conference, weekend schools on introductory themes and andvance seminars for graduate students.

Advanced Seminars


Weekend Seminars

2013, 5-7 April, İzmir, Foundation of Free Society

2013, 22-24 March, Ankara, Principles for a Free Society

2013, 2-3 March, Ankara, Civil Society and Free Market Economy

2012, 13-14 October, Sivas, Fondation of Coexistence in Peace

2012, 28-29 April, Gaziantep, Free Trade, Democracy and Peace

2010, 5-7 November, İstanbul

2010, 22-24 October, Ankara

2010, 3-4 July, Istanbul
2010, 17-18 April, Hatay
2010, 12-14 March, İzmir
2009, 18-19 December, İstanbul
2009, 20-22 November, Ankara
2009, 9-11 October, Konya

2009, 29 June – 1 July, İstanbul
2009, 13-15 March
2009 20-22 February
2008, 7-9 November, Istanbul
2008, 10-12 October, Ankara
2008, 29 February – 2 March, Ankara
2008, 26-27 January, İzmir
2007, 14-16 December
2005, 7-8 May, Mersin
2005, 2-3 April, Diyarbakır
2004, 9-10 October, Sivas
2004, 1-9 May, Samsun
2002, 13-15 December, İstanbul
2000, 3-5 March, Ankara
1999, 15- 17 October
1999, 17-18 June, Ankara
1999, 5 June, İstanbul

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